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"We believe our success lies in the personal attention and care afforded to each batch of wine or spirits we create, as well as our family's pursuit of excellence in all we produce. Each bottle is carefully handled and inspected. 

We take time and pride in the making of wine and distillates...some are stored in oak for a period of time"

~The Rosswog Family~

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Eau-de-Vie is a pure high-alcohol spirit made from fermented fruit and grape.  Cognac, Calvados and Armagnac are French examples that you may recognize.

Brandy, Eau--de-Vie and SchnappsMany North Americans are unfamiliar with the term Eau-de-Vie, however in Europe, they are very well-known and specialties vary from country to country. The Scots have their whiskey, the French have cognac, the Greeks love Ouzo and the Scandinavians prefer their Aquavit.

In Germany, you ask for Schnaps. Schnaps is the generic term for all spirits that warm and contribute to well-being, no matter whether clear or coloured, sweet or bitter.  In Canada, a schnaps is often sweet, but a true German variety is clear and strong.

The preference for high-proof spirits changes with each region. In general, Schnaps means a clear liquid, but in the northern and eastern region of Germany, spirits distilled from grain are preferred, whereas in the south, fruits from the orchards of the Rhine Valley and the Lake Constance area are distilled, and in the Black Forest berries are used to create finely scented and aromatic spirits.

In one region alone, Germany has over 900 fruit spirit distilleries, and the centre of production in Oberkich even has a Schnaps Academy where graduates receive a 'Waesserle-Diplom'?a Schnaps Diploma. Schnaps is appropriate for any occasion - as an aperitif, an aprč³­diner drink or anytime a lift or warming of your spirit is needed. In the Northern regions of Germany, it is combined with beer. Its medicinal qualities are also celebrated, with combinations of herbs blended specifically for health and well-being.

The varieties of Johnny Ziegler Schnaps created here at Winegarden Estate are a true marriage of German culture and New Brunswick flavour.

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Johnny Ziegler, Fennel, 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Juniper, 375ml
Johnny Ziegler, Anis, 375ml
Johnny Ziegler, Bartlett Pear 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler Framboise (raspberry) - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Aquavit (caraway/cumin) - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Grappa (grape) - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Grappa (grape) 750 ml - a colourless Italian style made from the skins of grapes after the juice has been pressed for wine.
Johnny Ziegler, Slibowitz (plum) - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Myrtille (blueberry) - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Elderberry - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Cassis (currant) - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Kirsch (cherry) - 375 ml
Johnny Ziegler, Obstler  750 ml - a dry fruit schnaps made from pear, apple & cherry
Johnny Ziegler, Obstler 50 ml - a dry fruit schnaps made from pear, apple & cherry
Johnny Ziegler, Apple Schnaps 750 ml - Black Forest style dry apple schnaps
Johnny Ziegler, Fruit Brandy 750 ml - a special blended fruit brandy aged in oak for 5 years
Johnny Ziegler, Sr. Brandy 750 ml - A very special fruit brandy aged in oak 10 years.
Johnny Ziegler, Original 200 ml - Our 20th anniversary celebration brandy, aged in oak 20 years.

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