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"[Brother Herble] is very aromatic with pleasant and complex aromas. The character of the aromas are more in the floral and vegetal families. The most present aromas were herbs, maple, orange peel, honey and licorice. The aromas are very present as is the alcohol content of Brother Herble. The long lingering finish (mineral) is quite pleasant. 

"This is a very good liqueur as an after-dinner drink, served chilled or on ice."

~Claude Mercier, Sommelier ~

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Roswitha Rosswog, the only female distiller in Canada, oversees the creation of all our fruit and herbal liqueurs. Adhering to carefully guarded family traditions and methods perfected in the Black Forest region of Germany, she uses native blackberries, currants, pears, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, grapes and apples to create purely a New Brunswick liqueur for every taste.

Canadian made LiqueursOur wide assortment of 11 fruit varieties would not be complete without the addition of the popular Maple (a true Canadian favorite!), Honey and herbal Liqueurs. Some may be enjoyed as an aperitif at room temperature or on the rocks. Others are delightful as an après-diner treat or to sweeten coffee and tea. We challenge you to experiment with different cocktail and dessert recipes of your own.

We have semi-sweet and sweet versions of liqueur, as well as bitters as a digestive.

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Brother Herble (herbal blend with a hint of licorice) - 750 ml and 50 ml
Emma, herbal digestive - 750 ml and 50 ml
Maple Liqueur - 750 ml


Plaisir, Apple Liqueur - 375 ml and 750 ml
Blue Hill Blueberry Liqueur - 375 ml and 750 ml
Wild Cherry Liqueur - 375 ml
Maple Dream liqueur - 375 ml
Elderberry Liqueur - 375 ml
Pear Liqueur - 375 ml
Cranberry Liqueur - 375 ml
Cassis Liqueur - 375 mlBitters are used as a digestive
Honey Liqueur - 375 ml
Blackberry Liqueur - 375 ml
Raspberry Liqueur - 375 ml
Mocca Gino, Coffee Liqueur - 375 ml and 750 ml


This is an herbal extract, used only mixed, as a digestive to relieve stomach discomfort.  

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