Pure New Brunswick Grape Wines

New Brunswick’s first commercial grape wine was created right here at Winegarden Estate Ltd. Combining traditional skills with the vintner technology of pressing and fermenting, we combined several grape varieties from several vineyards to produce the first truly New Brunswick cuvée in 2001.

The New Brunswick cuvée presents preserved aroma and a taste that impresses with its exquisitely balanced refreshing acidity and mild residual sugar content. This dry grape wine carries a distinct delicate regional charm that harmonizes with many local cuisines; we feel its special character represents our province’s lifestyle and culture.

All wines are fermented without the use of preservatives or accelerants.

All bottles are 750ml unless indicated otherwise. Prices and sizes may vary.

Red Grape Wines

Estate Red Wine

Cuvée Red

VM Cuvée – The initials VM represent not only the Valiant and Minnesota grapes this wine is made of, but also Dr. Victor McLaughlin of Riverview, NB, a passionate grapevine selector. He donated more than two thousand selected vine cuttings to Winegarden Estate Ltd. because he was happy to find a New Brunswick winemaker who made the production of grape wine from locally grown grapes possible. Naming this wine after him is our way of saying thank you to Dr. Victor McLaughlin and his wife, Peggy. Cheers!

White Grape Wines

Cuvée White

L’Acadie Blanc

Rosé Grape Wines

Cuvée Rosé

Sparkling Grape Wines

25th Anniversary Sparkling Wine

Pure New Brunswick Fruit Wines

Made from 100% purely New Brunswick produce, our selection of fruit wines present a taste for every palate. We believe our success lies in the personal attention and care afforded to every batch of wine we create, coupled by our family’s pursuit of excellence in all that we produce. Each bottle is carefully handled and inspected; we take time and pride in the making of our wines.

Our fruit wines represent eight different varieties of New Brunswick grown fruit. We offer medium dry wines, dessert wines, sparkling fruit wines and Canadian port.

All bottles are 750ml unless indicated otherwise. Prices and sizes may vary.

Medium Dry Fruit Wines

Dry Adam – apple wine

Blush – fruit blend

Rubina – blueberry wine – MEDAL WINNER

Elder – elderberry wine

Currant Wine

Cranberry Wine – MEDAL WINNER

Strawberry Rhubarb Wine

Apple Pear Wine

Wild Berry Wine

Noble Dessert Fruit Wines

Noble Blue – blueberry dessert wine (375ml and 750ml)

Strawberry Dessert Wine (375ml)

Currant Dessert Wine (375ml)

Raspberry Dessert Wine (375ml)

Maple Dessert Wine (375ml) – DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL WINNER

Mocca Maple (375ml)

Crimson Mint

Goose Joose (375ml)

Vineur Selection of Canadian Port Fruit Wines

Vineur Elderberry – MEDAL WINNER

Vineur Blueberry

Vineur Raspberry

Vineur Grape

Vineur Cranberry

Vineur Pear

Eau-de-Vie, Schnaps and Brandy

Eau-de-Vie is a pure high-alcohol spirit made from fermented fruit and grape. Cognac, Calvados and Armagnac are French examples that you may recognize. Many North Americans are unfamiliar with the term Eau-de-Vie, but in Europe these spirits are very well known and specialities vary across country boarders. The Scots have their whiskey, the Greeks love their Ouzo and the Scandinavians prefer their Aquavit.

In Germany, you’ll hear people asking for Schnaps. Schnaps is the generic term for all spirits that warm and contribute to well-being, no matter whether it’s clear or coloured, sweet or bitter. In Canada, Schnaps is often sweet, however, a true German Schnaps selection is clear and strong.

The preference for high-proof spirits changes with each region of Germany, but across the nation in general, Schnaps refers to a clear spirit. In the Northern and Eastern regions of Germany, spirits distilled from grain are preferred. In the South, fruits from the orchards of Rhine Valley and Lake Constance are distilled. In the Black Forest area, berries are used to create more finely scented and aromatic spirits.

The heart of German Schnaps production is in Oberkich, home to over 900 fruit spirit distilleries. In this region you can even find a Schnaps Academy where graduates receive a diploma certifying their knowledge of Schnaps.

Schnaps is appropriate for any occasion, whether it’s as an aperitif, an après-dîner drink, or anytime you need a warming lift. In Northern Germany, it is combined with beer. Schnaps’ medicinal qualities are also celebrated, with combinations of herbs blended specifically to promote health and well-being.

The varieties of Johnny Ziegler Schnaps we create here at Winegarden Estate Ltd. represent a true marriage of German culture and New Brunswick flavour. Cheers!

All bottles are 750ml unless indicated otherwise. Prices and sizes may vary.

Johnny Ziegler Selections of Eau-de-Vie, Schnaps and Brandy

Johnny Ziegler Fennel (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Juniper (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Anis (375ml)

 Johnny Ziegler Bartlett Pear (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Framboise – raspberry (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Aquavit – caraway and cumin (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Grappa – a colourless Italian style made from the skins of grapes after the juice has been pressed for wine

Johnny Ziegler Slibowitz – plum (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Myrtille – blueberry (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Elderberry (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Kirsch – cherry (375ml)

Johnny Ziegler Apple Schnaps – this Black Forest style dry apple Schnaps was our very first product, and remains the signature drink of Winegarden Estate Ltd.

Johnny Ziegler Fruit Schnaps

Johnny Ziegler Fruit Brandy – a specially blended fruit brandy aged in oak for a minimum of five years

Johnny Ziegler Sr. Brandy – a very special fruit brandy aged in oak for a minimum of ten years

Johnny Ziegler Original – our limited edition 20th anniversary celebration brandy, aged in oak for 20 years (200ml)

Fruit Liqueurs

Adhering to carefully guarded family traditions and methods perfected in the Black Forest region of Germany, we use only native blackberries, currants, pears, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, grapes and apples to create a purely New Brunswick liqueur for every taste. Our wide assortment of fruit varieties would not be complete without the addition of the popular maple (a true Canadian favourite), honey and herbal liqueurs.

Some may be enjoyed as an aperitif at room temperature or on the rocks. Others are delightful as an après-dîner treat or to sweeten coffee and tea. We encourage you to experiment with different cocktail and dessert recipes using our fruit liqueurs.

Winegarden Estate Ltd. offers semi-sweet and sweet liqueurs, as well as bitters as a digestive.

All bottles are 750ml unless indicated otherwise. Prices and sizes may vary.

Semi-Sweet and Sweet Liqueurs

Brother Herble – herbal blend with a hint of liquorice

Emma – herbal digestive

Maple Liqueur

Plaisir – apple (375ml and 750ml)

Blue Hill – blueberry (375ml and 750ml)

Maple Dream (375ml)

Elderberry Liqueur (375ml)

Pear Liqueur (375ml)

Cranberry Liqueur (375ml)

Cassis Liqueur – currant (200ml)

Honey Liqueur (200ml)

Blackberry Liqueur (375ml)

Raspberry Liqueur (375ml)

Mocca Gino – coffee liqueur


This bitter is our special mix of herbal extracts, used only as a digestive to relieve stomach discomfort.

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