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"When we arrived here, there were no farm wineries.  Today, this province has a world-class standard and visitors can tour 10 farm wineries.  We showed it could be done!"

~ Werner Rosswog~

Winegarden Estate has been featured in:

April 1993 - Brunswick Business Journal - "Farm Distillery bottling the essence of the apple orchard "

November 1994 - Telegraph Journal Business - "A family tradition adds some Schnaps to New Brunswick"

September 1998 - Times & Transcript - "Vintner won the battles but finally lost the war"

July 2001 - Times & Transcript - Masters of the Trade - "A Taste for Business"

July 2001 - The New Brunswick Reader

Fall 2002 - Motion GM Magazine, Life on the Road

June 2005 - Sackville Tribune Post - "Winegarden launches new products "

July 2003 - Sackville Tribune Post

Summer 2004 - The Atlantic Co Operators - "Family celebrates its winemaking heritage"

November 2004 - Mascaret Culture and Entertainment - " New Wine from old style "

December 2006 - Telegraph Journal - " Little guy left out by NB Liquor laws "




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Winegarden Estate was the first fruit wine-distillery in Atlantic Canada. Forging a new industry where none existed before was not easy, but through tenacity and perseverance, the owners of Winegarden Estate paved the way for future growth of agri-tourism in New Brunswick and opened doors previously closed to the cottage wine industry. New Brunswick is now a proud of the high quality fruit and grape wines, fruit liqueurs and spirits produced here.


Filled with photographs and text and product descriptions, our new book, "In Vino Veritas:  How an Old German Tradition becomes New Brunswick's Windfall" celebrates Winegarden Estate's proud history of family and place.

Available from Winegarden Estate and locations where Winegarden Estate products are sold.
Price:  $15.00



How an Old German Tradition becomes New Brunswick's Windfall

On August 15, 1983, Werner Rosswog and his family emigrated from Germany to rural New Brunswick. They envisioned a quiet life living off the resources of the land. 

No one imagined their family would become a catalyst for a new industry in their adopted province. 

Today, New Brunswick celebrates a proud new identity as a grape-growing region and an agri-tourism destination. But pioneering an industry is no easy chore. 

This is the story of how one man held steadfastly to a vision that ultimately led to Atlantic Canada's first private winery/distillery, Winegarden Estate, Ltd. 

On its own, this is an account of perseverance and struggle. But the real story starts many years earlier, in a country well known for its culture of spirit and wine production. And at its very roots is a deep connection to land that transcends time and generationsÓ§†now continents and countries. 

Pride of Place. 

This is where the story truly beginsthis is where it continues.




Winegarden Estate has grown from its modest beginnings to encompass a wine store with tasting facilities and viewing window, the winery-distillery and a cooling room for storage of the finished product shop, small museum and events barn. Their wines are also available at Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John Farmer's Markets.

Winegarden is still a family business. Although Werner and Roswitha Rosswog have retired, son Steffen is now Master Winemaker, distiller and production manager. Daughter Elke is Company President and handles the finances and sales for the family business.

Elke Muessle and Steffen RosswogThey are proud to have something for every taste and palate. By using local maple syrup, blueberries, apples, cranberries, wild cherries, blackberries, elderberries, currant, raspberries, grape, honey and pears, the Rosswogs have created a smorgasbord of New Brunswick, and made great inroads into the province's agri-tourism marketplace. 





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