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 N.B. Cuvee Red 2001: "Made from a blend of New Brunswick grape but mostly of Marechal Foch. Nose of sweet cherry and strawberry, much like Beaujolais, full body, with a very fruity and sweet palate."

~Sommelier Craig Pinhey~


Regarding L'Acadie Blanc 2004:
 "French-American hybrid grape, developed to survive cool climates and ripen in short growing seasons. Clean floral aroma with a touch of mineral, nice and smooth on the palate, with decent body. Balanced acidity makes L'Acadie Blanc an excellent dinner wine."

~Sommelier Craig Pinhey~


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Winegarden Estates in New Brunswick - products


New Brunswick wineNew Brunswick's first commercial grape wine was created right here at Winegarden Estate. Combining traditional skills with the vintner technology of pressing and fermenting, we married several grape varieties from several vineyards to produce the first truly New Brunswick Cuvée in 2001.

The New Brunswick Cuvée presents preserved aroma and a taste that may impress with an exquisitely balanced refreshing acidity and mild residual sugar content.


Currently, co-operative producers in New Brunswick cultivate over 20 hectares of vineyards, including red, white and dining grape varieties. Individually, each producer's yield is insufficient to sustain a commercial market; however by combining these harvests, we created a dry grape wine with a distinct delicate regional charm that harmonizes with many international cuisines. Wine Connoisseurs find this mid-priced product an excellent choice. We feel its special character represents our province's lifestyle and culture.

Bottles are 750 ml unless indicated otherwise. Visit our Facebook site for current order form/price list or email us with your request.

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RED GRAPE WINES.New Brunswick red wine

Estate Wine Red - a dry red grape wine with 12% alc./vol.
Cuvée Red - also a dry red with 12% alc./vol.
VM Cuvée - made with Valiant and Minnesota grapes.  

The name VM Cuvée represents not just the grapes but also Dr. Victor MacLaughlin of Riverview, NB, a passionate grape vine selector.  He donated more than two thousand selected vine cuttings to Winegarden, because he was happy to find a New Brunswick winemaker who confirmed the production of grape wine from locally grown grapes is possible.  Cheers! Naming a wine for him is our way to say thank you to to Dr. Victor MacLaughlin and his wife, Peggy.  

WHITE GRAPE WINES.New Brunswick Cuvee - white wine

N.B. Cuvee White - dry, 12% alc./vol
L'Acadie Blanc - dry, 12% alc./vol.


Estate Wine Rose 
NB Cuvee Rose 
L'Acadie Blush


Sparkling Grape Wine
N.B. Charm Rose 
Pearl Rose
25th Sparkling Wine


NB Cuvee Red 
NB Cuvee White


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